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About the blog: This blog is about sharing knowledge, thoughts and opinions on people management and coaching. If you have to deal with people whom you need to influence (anywhere – at home or at office) you will find yourself right at home here.

Whether you are a leader, a manager, an entrepreneur, a housewife, a work from home guy (or anyone) – you either have to manage resources, people etc. directly, or you have to exercise influence in an indirect manner. Coaching the people you work with, helps you get things done efficiently and empowers both you and the person you coach.

This blog will talk about various ways of managing people and topics related to this. It will also talk about coaching. It will talk about how the two are interlinked and how you can get better results at managing people by using coaching.

Why am I doing this? – I would love to share my personal experiences and knowledge with you all. You can argue that there are many sites that talk about the same subject. Well, you know what? There are many people across the world who still need help on how to manage their work life, their careers, their relationships and above all with their life. If by sharing what I have learned from my experiences, I can reach out and help anyone, I will feel happy. Besides, there is no end to learning. I am still learning. And along the way, I can share with you all what I have picked up. By doing that I can learn better and may be learn something new from you as well.

How did this blog start? – I have been involved with management, training and coaching for a number of years (14 years to be precise). But I had never thought of starting a blog.

In recent times, however, two things happened –

A) In one of the team meetings that I took with a team of Quality Analysts & Trainers, it became clear that most of them needed to learn about skills like Time Management, Effective Feedback, Coaching, etc. I took out time to help them learn these skills. It is at this point, that I realized that I can share what I have learnt the hard way and it may help others to progress. I don’t necessarily have to restrict myself to this team of Quality Analysts & Trainers. I can share it with everyone, whosoever cares to learn.

B) I have developed a passion for writing. But, writing and writing well are two different things. You need to practice and write almost everyday. Like every writer, I face the writer’s block – What do I write about? Fiction? That’s not something that I really want. Therefore it had to be Non-Fiction. However, Non-Fiction too has many genres to choose from. After much debate with myself, I decided that the best option is to combine my passion with my experience (read expertise gained from work) and write about stuff that I know, I care about and most importantly stuff that people will find useful.

About me: I have been involved with Teaching, Training, Coaching and Management for about 14 years.

I am very passionate about people management, because nothing meaningful is ever achieved without people. Coaching is just a beautiful tool to help people realize their potential.

I take my writing seriously and I am learning to get better every single day.

I would love to engage with people who are interested in the subjects of people management and coaching, in meaningful conversations.





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