Indian Woman

Another woman was violated

Yet another child’s innocence was ravaged;

Have we completely lost our sanity?

Is this what we want from society?


No woman is safe anymore

We detest this, we abhor;

It’s a naked show of power and violence

Yet we endure and watch in silence.


We question the girl’s morality

Who cares if she was a victim, we still want to question her sense of dressing, her modesty;

When will we raise our voice to stop the brutality?

Perhaps never! We have lost our humanity.


A woman is just an object

To be abused and treated with disrespect;

It’s a sickness, but that is our mind-set.

She needs to be loved, she is capable of greatness.

Alas! We can’t even teach that, our teachers are afflicted with the same sickness.


Despite all the suffering, she still forgives us,

She fills us with her love and makes our life a joy thus;

If only we could learn to estimate her true worth,

How blissful our lives could be? Full of love, warmth, joy and art.


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