Despair, despair, there is only a feeling of despair,

Melancholy rising from the depths of hell;

No end in sight, no redemption, no repair,

A ray of hope might cure, but that eludes all too well.


We are savvy in technology, we take pride in our modernity,

We are strong, we possess weapons of mass destruction;

In the bargain we’ve simply given up our humanity,

We’ve mastered selfishness and narrow is our vision.


Greed and lust drives us, we desire to acquire more,

Mindless is our need for consumption, luxury and pleasure;

Malice in our heart, our actions the sagacious abhor,

We steal, we cheat, we lie and we kill so we can win in some measure.


We easily ravage a woman’s modesty,

We sell little girls for business and many of us kill them when they are born;

Our sexism and ego takes priority,

The conscience of our soul is completely torn.


Our blasphemy is not whether we believe in God or not,

But whether we care for others in every action and thought;

Alas! Our ego is too big and our vision is blurred,

We drudge through life like a caged bird.

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