Acid Attacks on Women

EDX Course – Academic and Business Writing Journal 4.

This is the fourth journal of my writing course from Berkeley University. I hope everyone will like it and find it useful.

India is a free country. The great thing is that different people have different notion of independence. And it brings about a lot of contradictions. You are free to express your political opinions, but the political hardliners are also free to physically, emotionally attack you at the slightest pretext, should the need arise. If you are the father of a bride, you are free to say no to dowry – but the in-laws of your daughter are also free to abuse her, torture her or worse still attack her with acid. If you are a lady and some crazy idiot approaches you with a love proposal in his twisted way, you are free to refuse as well as report it to the police – but the spurned lover is also free to take revenge by throwing acid on you. You may prevent and protest against a sexual assault by a family member, but you are vulnerable to vengeful bouts of aggression often in the form of acid attacks. It can happen to you even in cases of property disputes or for some obscure reasons as well.

From 1947 to 2013, perpetrators of acid attacks had a wonderful time – acid attack was not even recognized as a separate crime. In 2013, our lawmakers woke up from their long impervious slumber which lasted merely for 66 years, and amended the law – acid attacks started to get recorded as a separate offence under section 326A and 326B of the Indian Penal Code. In 2013, the number of incidents recorded was 116. We showed rapid progress and increased the number to 225 in 2014 and improved it further to 249 in 2015. That’s a bizarre increase of 114% in two years. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Delhi UT can take pride for being the top 3 states in contributing towards the success of this social psychopathic evil. Do you know what stands out? 80% of the times women are the victims. Isn’t that wonderful news for the sadistic males out there?

By the way if you are still wondering what is an acid attack? – It’s a delightful way of causing pain to your nemesis, provided you are a sadist of the worst kind. ‘Acid throwing, also called an acid attack, a vitriol attack or vitriolage, is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or a similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another “with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill’. The statistics mentioned here can be found in the website of Acid Survivors Foundation India ( and the definition can be found in Wikipedia.

Any sane person would cringe at the sight of a victim of an acid attack. Victims endure blindness, respiratory problems, deafness, deformed skull and face, septicemia, renal failure, and unbearable pain. Not to mention the psychological and social trauma that is associated with it. Treatments involve plenty of surgeries that are expensive, which in turn ensures that not only is the victim physically and psychologically destroyed but financially as well. What can be a better form of revenge for the savages who commit this violent offence? – You don’t die; you live in pain every day and wish you could die.

It’s all perfectly set up for those who take responsibility to carry forward this psychopathic evil. You simply need a corrosive substance, concentrated sulfuric, nitric or hydrochloric acids being the most common ones. Places like factories, motorcycle repair shops, jewelry shops, are abound with such materials. Sellers can sell this stuff without much of regulatory control. So it’s easy to acquire enough quantity to inflict severe injury to someone. No need to worry about the government or the police, they are still in their state of perpetual slumber when it comes to imposing regulations on buying and selling of corrosive substances.

The best way to curb this incredulously fiendish practice is to educate people – make them aware of the effects of acid throwing, make them understand that this is one of the most horrendous forms of violence. That, and the government taking strict measures to control the selling of acids or any corrosive substance along with very strict laws against acid attack will help to control this evil. However that is a distant dream at present – someday it may happen, but certainly not now. Until then, many more women will have their dignity violated; many will scream in pain and endure endless surgeries in hospitals while their families suffer and go bankrupt. Some will even die a slow and painful death. Meanwhile, the government can continue with their pleasurable slumber and the sadists can have fun!

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