EDX Course:Academic and Business Writing Journal – Tone Exercise

Humor: topic – Narrow lanes of Kolkata

Every time I ride my motor cycle on the narrow lanes of Kolkata, the city where I live, I can’t help but feel that I am embarking on an adventure. These narrow lanes are crowded with people who just love to walk down the center of the lanes. Sometimes they stand in the middle of the road just so that they can test your riding skills and chat with their friends at the same time. No matter how much you blow the horn, nobody will move. You may get the eerie feeling that they must be deaf. But the moment you vent out your frustration by abusing anyone, immediately it will evoke a strong and matching response. You will then wonder why on earth they did not hear the horn. I learnt soon enough that the trick is to go past these people and that is where you develop your skill as a rider. The problem occurs when you face the infamous potholes while trying to evade the people standing on your way. It’s as if you go past the foot soldiers from the enemy camp only to face landmines on your way. Plus there is always the refreshing sight of another vehicle speeding on its way towards you. It is not just a ride on a motor cycle but a joyride of wonderful and unabashed emotions such as anger, anxiety and frustration. Ultimately you just have to find some way to see the funny side of it, lest you become insane.

Objective: topic – Narrow lanes of Kolkata

The condition of the lanes in Kolkata, the city of joy, does not really evoke emotions of joy. The potholes are a nightmare for every driver. Traffic is slow moving, thanks to the rickshaws and people travelling on foot. The illegally constructed shops and the blithe hawkers running their business accentuate the problem. Most of all, lack of awareness and a casual carefree attitude of the people causes grief to everyone. We have become so concerned with ourselves and so inconsiderate of others, that we fail to be human at times. Whether the government is doing its job or not is a different question and needs to be answered as well. Before we consider anything else we need to come out of a state of apathy and become aware of our responsibilities as citizens. Even if no policeman is watching us, we need to obey the traffic rules. We need to pay attention while crossing the road and not behave callously. We need to stop ourselves and our children from throwing wastes wherever we like – it pollutes the environment and makes the very roads we travel on dangerous. Unless we do the basic things right, no government can change our fate.

Anger: topic – Narrow lanes of Kolkata

The narrow lanes of Kolkata have been a constant source of agony for all drivers. The way people behave on the roads with complete disregard for any approaching vehicle or their blowing horns is preposterous. The potholes can not only damage your vehicles but also endanger your life. To top it all, the lack of respect for any traffic rule among drivers while traversing the narrow lanes just makes driving or riding a bizarre experience. Not to mention the hawkers and illegal shops that runs their business on these streets jostling for space in every nook and corner. When are we going to wake up? When are we going to realize that we have to be responsible citizens when we use the streets? So what if the lanes are narrow? The least we can expect people to do is understand the value of their own lives and time.

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