EDX Course – Academic and Business Writing Journal 2

Journal Writing Assignment 2 – Academic Writing

Original writing: You are assigned to review a film or television show for your writing course. It should be short, formal, academic, and objective: 150-250 words. You may pick any television show or movie you have seen recently.

Change the formality of the original: Rewrite the same review, but make it humorous and informal. You are writing for your classmates, not your instructor.

Change the tone of the original: Finally, choose a new tone for your review. For example, if your original is happy and cheerful, change it to a review that sounds sad and pessimistic.

Objective Tone

Allied is a movie set in the backdrop of WWII where the two protagonists were played by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. They were spies who pose as a couple in German occupied Egypt to carry out an assignment. After successfully completing their assignment Pitt brought Cotillard to England and got married to her. The movie took an interesting turn when Pitt learned that his wife was suspected to be a spy from the enemy camp and was impersonating someone else. He was torn between two worlds – whether to answer the call for duty or to save his family.

The plot unfolded beautifully and kept the viewers interested throughout. The cinematography did justice in the way the colours and themes had been applied. The story was revealed with compelling shots. The movie was well directed by Robert Zemericks – the story telling was compelling and the characters came alive in the movie. The story could have been paced better towards the second half. The dialogues were well written and the editing was done to keep a consistent flow. The scores are in sync with the scenes and the action scenes were shot with aplomb.

Overall I felt it was good movie worth watching once. However it does not dazzle you with spectacular performances form either Brad Pitt or Marion Cotillard. The movie does not leave you spell bound, it is not a classic by any measure.

Informal tone

I saw the movie ‘Allied’ the other day. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard played the lead roles in the movie. The movie takes us back to the WWII and two lead characters who happened to be spies were on a mission to take out a German Chancellor. They pose as a couple deeply in love with each other and they played their parts so well that they could not get enough of each other. So what did they do? They got married. But wait! There was a twist in the tale (as always).  Brad learnt that his wife was actually a German spy and he had to choose one between his country and his family. The movie dealt with the conflict nicely but slowed down in the second half. The make-up, colours, themes and props used to set the scene in the WWII were done well. The action scenes were vivid and went well with the movie. A hot raunchy scene between Brad and Marion was thrown in to woo the Brad Pitt lovers though it was not really necessary for the story to move ahead.

The screenplay was good and Robert Zemericks has made a genuine attempt to tell a compelling story. Marion looks a bit dazed and Brad’s performance is as flat as his dashboard abs. Overall it is okay to go to the theatre and buy a packet of popcorn and watch the movie once. But that’s about it. It is definitely not a classic.

Pessimistic tone

I saw the movie ‘Allied’ the other day. While it wasn’t a complete waste of time it certainly left me yearning for more. The story is set in the backdrop of the WWII and the two lead characters were played by Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. The movie grapples with the idea of two spies in deep cover behind enemy lines who pull off a dangerous mission together posing as a couple. After that, they marry each other and move to England. The conflict was created when Brad learnt that his wife was a German spy and he had to choose between his family and his country. Though the storytelling was compelling and the cinematography excels with the usage of colors and themes, the performances of the lead characters were trite. Some of the scenes were unwarranted however the movie maintains a consistent flow. Robert Zemericks has could have handled the subject better. It seemed that he was unsure about which part he needed to focus more on – the spy story or the relationship between the two lead characters. The pace slowed down considerably in the second half of the movie. The action scenes were handled with aplomb and overall it was okay to watch the movie once.



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