EDX Course – Academic and Business Writing Journal 1 contd..

Additional Writing Assignment: Topic -What company/business is having the greatest impact in the world today, either positive or negative? Explain your response

It was raining yesterday when I had to go for work. Had I taken my motorcycle to go to work, I would have been completely drenched. Plus it would not have been the safest option to travel because of the rain.

So how did I go to work?  I simply took out my cell phone and booked a cab using an app that’s called UBER.

UBER was founded in 2009 in San Francisco with a simple idea: how to help people get a ride at the push of a button? Since then they have expanded at an exponential rate. They are now present in 77 countries and 616 cities around the world. They have completed more than 5 billion trips already. Above all, they have touched millions of lives across the world.

The concept of sharing the ride with other passengers is extraordinary – It helps more people to travel together in one cab. With the advent of this concept, now fewer cars are required to transport more people in the same regions. Not only does this benefit the passengers economically but also reduces air pollution. And since fewer cars are required to serve the purpose, it means less consumption of fuel.

Majority of the world has been either blissfully unaware of the need to reduce unnecessary consumption or wastage of fuel or they have shown complete apathy towards it. The fuel we use in our cars, aeroplanes, trucks, and all vehicles (except trains) is a natural resource that is non-renewable. So the resource is depleting as we continue to use it. If we continue to waste it, our future generations will have nothing left to use. We need to be accountable for our future generations and come up with thoughtful and innovative solutions for transportation.

We have already seen vehicles that are driven via electricity. Some countries are even experimenting with cars driven by solar energy. UBER’s contribution towards this cause has been staggering and made life more conducive for passengers at the same time.

What they have also done is that they have given opportunities to a great many people to earn a living as a driver. Thousands of people have joined the workforce and have found full time employment and all they have to do is just drive. It has given them the freedom to work as long as they like and earn as per their needs.

The only criticism I can think of is that at times they apply surcharges that are exorbitantly high. In countries like India that affects the people adversely. Many a times, people who would normally use UBER’s service would back down as they find the surcharges unaffordable. If the company can come up with a solution in this area then people will be benefited even more and so will the company.

UBER is here to stay. In fact they have started investing in even more sophisticated technologies to make self-driven cars in order to make travelling safer for people. Whether they succeed in that attempt or not, what they have already done is astounding. What is even more perplexing is that they are one of the largest transportation companies in the world and yet they do not own a fleet of cars. With their unrelenting effort and focus on providing innovative solutions and great service, they are sure to touch more lives than ever before.

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