Academic and Business Writing Journal 1

My name is Sutanu Bhattacharya. I am a working professional. I work for a multi-national organization and am a part of the Business Process Service Industry. At work I am required to communicate effectively with internal stakeholders and also with the clients on a daily basis. The medium used for such communication is mostly e-mails. Apart from that I am required to write procedure manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) related to Quality Management and Training Manuals. However these activities are rare in occurrence. I am also required to write an occasional memo if required. I have also started a blog where I write about people management and coaching. I do it primarily to share my experience and knowledge with everyone and more importantly to express myself.

I find immense pleasure in writing. It is a very creative process and I take delight in it. I had the inclination to write earlier as well, however I never had the chance to follow my passion as I had to focus on other aspects of life. However, I had not allowed writing to go to the back-burner completely. I wrote few pages whenever I got a chance, but those days were few and far between. Now, I have decided to take up writing seriously. I want to follow my passion and do what I love. That is the reason I have started a blog and am trying my best to post meaningful content every week. I also want to take up writing jobs professionally as a freelancer. I intend to write a book in the near future. However, before I delve deeper into the world of professional writing, I need to develop the craft of writing, get better at it.

I am interested in non-fiction writing. My blog is about coaching and management and that is definitely the area that interests me the most. That does not mean I am not interested in any other subject or genre. I want to get better at Memoir writing, Essay writing, Content writing. I want to learn how to be a good humorist. I want to learn how to use humor to make a point that is quite serious. I want to learn proof-reading and self-editing. I want to eliminate any grammatical errors, punctuation errors and use syntax in the appropriate manner to enhance the quality of my writing. I want my writing to be so quirky and facetious as well as informative that readers will have no choice but to carry on reading and love me.

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